Professional Dial-Up Whitening & Toothpaste System
NEW! Smile Science Professional Dial-Up Whitening & Toothpaste System allows you to choose from the Maximum Vitaming Enriched Toothpaste or 100% Max Whitening or a custom blend of your choice for total customisation of your whitening!


Vitamin Enriched Toothpaste

Vitamins A - Nourishes Gums

Vitamin B - Bacterial Control

Vitamin C - Boosts Collagen

Whitens teeth and promotes healthy gums when used daily and with proper brushing. The unique formulation includes vitamins A, B6, and C and an abundance of Calcium Peroxide, a natural teeth whitening and enamel strengthening component that helps remove plaque.

Use to remove stubborn everyday stains including tea, coffee, tobacco and red wine to restore teeth to their natural whiteness.



LED Light Activated Whitening Boost Option

Daily Use - Up to 8 Shades Whiter - Clinically Proven