Smile Science Harley Street Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

The Smile Science Harley Street Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment is a professional two part maintenance and aftercare whitening system provides true stain removal and whitening action in one convenient treatment, which will attain long lasting results without any tooth sensitivity issues associated with other peroxide based bleaching kits.


This innovative product works effectively because of its detergent containing cleaning formulation, which pre treats and removes stains.


The treatment has been formulated to achieve maximum whitening results, providing a home whitening solution which is safe and convenient to use without the need for any dental professional supervision.

We also offer our Professional Teeth Whitening Refill Kit for purchae within our E-Store to allow for top up treatments in the future.The Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment comes with syringes tips to ensure that each whitening session is carried out efficiently. We also provide our 5-point Blue LED Accelerating Light and Detachable Mouth Tray together into one simple to use solution. No more needing to 'Boil and Bite', no more messy mouth trays. We at Smile Science believe the All-In-One LED and Mouth Tray is the ideal solution for those who want to speed up the whitening process and keep their mouth trays clean for future use.


The Professional Treatment also comes with our vitamin enriched Vita White toothpaste, which includes vitamins A, B and C and an abundance of Calcium Peroxide, a natural teeth whitening and enamel strengthening component that helps remove plaque. Vitamin A nourishes gums. Vitamin B helps control bacterial growth and Vitamin C boosts collagen production.

The Smile Science Tooth Gloss helps to add shine to the newly whitened teeth which adds to the ending result of the treatment term.

1 x 50ml Vitamin Enriched Vita White Whitening Toothpaste
1 x 15ml Tooth Gloss
1 x 7ml Integrated Advanced Treatment Stain Remover & Swab
2 x Syringe Tips
2 x 5ml Peroxide Free Whitening Agent Syringes
1 x Integrated detachable mouth tray & 5-point Blue LED Accelerating Light (Batteries Included)
1 x Instructions with Shade Guide