Smile Science Harley Street Professional Tooth Whitening Pen

Easy to use, click-pen applicator
Comes in a sleek chrome casing
Each pen holds approximately 30 applications
Apply twice per day for 2 weeks
No custom bleaching trays required


Take home the power of Smile Science Harley Street's Professional Tooth Whitening Pen.

Our specially formulated whitening pens are an easy way to dramatically whiten your teeth at home, at work or on the go. Smile Science' Harley Street's 'To Go'' Pens can be used day or night and requires no waiting after application.

Just apply to the teeth and go!

The easy-to-use, stylish pen bristle applicator allows for smooth and accurate application of the whitening gel directly onto the tooth surface, helps removes stains in difficult areas around teeth and is great for touch ups following a chairside or home whitening session.