Philips Zoom! Whitening Treatment Top-up

Philips Zoom! Whitening treatment using the latest in Philips Light-Activated technology with the Philips Zoom! Whitespeed - up to 6 shades whiter.

Cancellation Policy:

We require a 48 Hour notification period for all bookings regarding amendments to date/time or cancellation. (Refunds will not be given if bookings are cancelled within this period*)

We strongly recommend that clients should have a scale and polish prior to your treatment to not compromise your results.

Late Arrivals

We operate on a strict appointment schedule to respect and honour further booking during the day. We request all clients to arrive 15 minutes early to their appointment. Management reserve the right to cancel any appointment for late arrival.*

A rebooking fee will be applied for missed, late or cancelled/rejected appointments. A rebooking fee will also apply if teeth are not in a suitable state for treatment."

*A £39.00 re-booking fee applies.


With Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, you can achieve your whitest smile with just one treatment by your dental professional. No wonder Philips Zoom is the #1 most requested professional whitening brand by patients worldwide.

Philips Zoom! offers unrivalled Protection for patients with sensitive teeth and is the only brand to offer the power of 3!

The chairside treatment from Philips uses a unique formula which contains:

- ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate)
- Potassium Nitrate
- Fluoride

These are clinically proven to:

- Minimise Sensitivity and help aid in the remineralisation process following whitening
- Minimise post-treatment fade back

- Give teeth a lustrous, glossy sheen

Accelerated whitening results with the Philips Zoom! blue light

- The yellow - red stains in the tooth quite naturally absorb blue light
- This absorption excites the electrons in the chromophores to a state of increased energy
- "Excited" chromophores react with the hydrogen peroxide radicals far more rapidly and thoroughly to decoolour the molecule

This photochemical principle is actually very similar to that used in standard blue light cured dental restoratives. In that case, added yellow pigments in the bonding resin absorb blue light in just the same way, but the light energy is not purposfuly directed into reactions which cure the resin rather than into self-reaction with bleaching agent.

The energy produced in the chromophores by the Philips Zoom! blue light decolours the molecule more effectively than the use of hydrogen peroxide alone.

What does this treatment involve?

A GDC and Philips trained dentist will first undertake a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums in order to offer a suited whitening experience. A plastic mouthpiece is then inserted, exposing the teeth before a gum barrier solution is applied to protect them from the whitening agent. The Philips whitening agent is then applied to the teeth. The dentist will also apply a vitamin E solution to the patient’s lips in order to protect them from the light and nourish them. The intense Philips zoom blue light will then be directed at the teeth, which is designed to reduce yellow staining and return teeth to their natural colour.

How long will the session last?

An initial consultation gives clients a chance to find out more about the specifics of the session, receive a shade analysis of their teeth, and have their suitability checked. The whole session itself lasts around an hour with the whitening taking place in two 15 minute sections giving the dentist the possibility to check the whitening process and apply more whitening agent. In order to provide the patient with the most comfortable experience possible, the dentist will offer to lay back and relax by watching a chosen movie or show on the in-house video glasses.

Does the treatment lighten crowns?

No, only natural teeth will be affected. Crowns, fillings and other dental work will remain the same colour, although some surface stains may be removed.

What does the aftercare involve?

Clients should not eat or drink dark, staining substances for 24-48 hours after the session. These include coffee, tea, red wine and coke; smoking should also be avoided.