In Clinic Whitening

Chairside Whitening

Our Harley Street chair side treatment will transform your teeth up to 8 shade lighter in one session. Our GDC Registered Dental Team have been trained to deliver world class patient care. You will be given an initial consultation to correctly assess your suitability along with a fully personalised cosmetic whitening treatment plan. You will be given a shade analysis both before and after your treatment  along with after care advice to ensure your teeth stay pearly white.


LED Teeth Whitening Premium Package with Custom Home Bleaching Trays

With the addition of the Professional Home Whitening Custom Bleaching Tray programme to your session, your whitening will not just stop after your whitening session with us. It will be extended to a further 14 days with the use of your custom bleaching trays


At Home Whitening

Custom Home Bleaching Trays

Our Custom Made Dental Teeth Whitening Trays are manufactured in the United Kingdom by experienced and dedicated technicians. Impressions are taken by our GDC registered dentist, the impressions are sent out and crafted into trays which are trimmed to your individual teeth for optimum whitening when using our range of teeth whitening products.



Here you can find advice on how to keep your recently whitened teeth as white as possible by following these simple, yet effective aftercare methods to ensure a whiter, brighter smile.