The science

Thousands of people pursue teeth whitening treatments every year, but very few of them understand why the whitening solutions actually make teeth whiter. The science behind teeth whitening is not complex but it will help you make informed decisions.

Our teeth whitening formulations are developed to be the pioneering advanced peroxide and non peroxide teeth whitening formulations that combine the latest technology with creative artistry.

With 23 years of experience, we have developed teeth whitening products and services at our Harley Street clinic to cater to all individuals no matter the schedule or budget.



Dr Martin G


Teeth Whitening

The purpose of the teeth whitening gel is to break up the substances that create stains on the teeth, essentially lifting them out so that light can shine on the actual surface of the teeth, rather than the stain. This permits more light to pass through and creates a whiter appearance.

When you undergo laser teeth whitening, the laser is used to activate the gel further and results in more targeted results. Your gums and lips are covered during the procedure.

The amount of time it takes teeth whitening gel to work depends on its concentration and how long it is left on the surface of the teeth.

Teeth whitening can be broken down into two categories: Home Whitening and In-Clinic Chair Side Whitening. Evidence has shown that optimum results achieved by combining the two. Your dentist will determine the most suitable combination for your needs.