Smile Science Harley Street Professional Vita White Toothpaste

Whiten your Teeth, Nourish your Gums



Smile Science Harley Street Professional Vita White Vitamin-Enhanced Toothpaste when used daily and with proper brushing, whitens teeth and promotes healthy gums. Our formulation includes vitamins, A, B and C and an abundance of Calcium Peroxide, a natural teeth whitening and enamel strengthening component that helps remove plaque. Vitamin A nourishes gums. Vitamin B helps control bacterial growth and Vitamin C boosts collagen production.

Safe on bondings and veneers, bleached teeth, braces and even dentures.

What is it: 
A whitening toothpaste that includes vitamins to nourish gums and calcium peroxide to help maintain the natural whiteness of your teeth.

Who is it for
Anyone who wants to safely and gently whiten their teeth without sensitivity. Anyone who wants healthier gums and a healthier whiter smile.

Why is it different
This whitening toothpaste removes coffee, tea, tobacco, and more from your teeth, thereby restoring teeth to their natural whiteness. The vitamins are formulated so that they penetrate and nourish the gums. Healthy gums are a very important forgotten aspect of a healthy smile.

How do I use it
Use a pea-sized amount of the toothpaste on a dry toothbrush. Apply the toothbrush to the area between each tooth where the gum line meets and make tiny circles for two minutes, twice a day. Rinse afterwards if desired.

Key Benefits:

  • Stain Removal Technology

  • Promotes Healthy Teeth & Gums

  • Nourishes Gums

  • Delivers healthy vitamins for gum health

  • Non-Abrasive. Does not scratch teeth enamel